Thursday, 21 May 2015

Core Collective

Yesterday morning I headed off for a workout and breakfast at Core Collective in Kensington. I went to the launch party last week and got to check out the beautiful venue, so I was super excited to actually try their classes! Core Collective is situated just off High Street Kensington and is really close to Whole Foods and Down to Earth, both of which I adore!

Core Collective offers 3 45-minute workouts:
Velocity is circuit style high intensity interval training
Resistance is a full body workout on the TRX
Accelerate is a straight-up spin class

We tried out each class for 20 minutes, which was definitely enough for me! As I’m used to doing a lot of HIIT my favourite was definitely Velocity. It was also great for me, as I tend to lose concentration pretty quickly, so constantly swapping exercises meant I kept my focus and didn’t get bored. 

The classes are relatively small; Accelerate takes 20 people, Velocity 14 and Resistance 8. This is one of my favourite things about Core Collective; the classes are small enough for you to be able to receive one-on-one to make sure your form is correct. 

After showering and changing in the beautiful changing rooms (the towels are like duvets!), we headed upstairs for a well-deserved refuel. All the food is made by Who Loves You, who focus on clean dining and juices. 

We tried all of the following, washed down with charcoal filtered water and nourishing green juices:

 Salmon rose omelette: avocado, smoked salmon

Omega green omelette: avocado, spinach, broccoli and feta

Blueberry Protein Pancake with peanut butter and raw chia seed jam
Skinny eggs benedict: prosciutto, red peppers, poached egg and hollandaise

Acai bowl with fresh banana, blueberries and raw granola

I have a sweet tooth so naturally my favourites were the acai bowl and the blueberry protein pancakes, however the skinny eggs benedict were also excellent!

Core operates on a class basis, there are no joining fees, monthly fees or contract, which is so refreshing (I’m looking at you Virgin Active!). To learn more about classes and prices follow this link.


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