Thursday, 10 September 2015

Daisy Greens

My obsession with this Antipodean chain continues! I was invited by the lovely people at Beany Greens to try out their Detox Lunch boxes a few weeks ago, so I grabbed my favourite brunch partner and headed to Daisy Greens. Run by the same people as Beany Greens – one of my favourite brunch spots, Daisy Greens is located in lovely Marylebone on Seymour Street.

As soon as I walked in I felt like I'd been transported to The Mad Hatter's Tea Party! It's so bright and crazy, which makes a lovely change from it's surroundings (that's if we're not counting The Zetter Townhouse!), but onto the food. The detox lunch can either be eaten in or taken away – we obviously chose to stay! You are able to chose up to 3 of the amazing salads that line the bar, one protein source and one "dip". As I'm a pig, I went for 2 protein sources and 2 dips – I mean I had to try it all though right?!

The salads vary from day to day but there's usually a couple of green ones and a couple of more carb heavy ones. There's loads of protein options – chicken skewers, turkey and beef patties, eggs for the vegetarians, falafels for the vegans.

There's also a variety of dips such a houmous and chilli pesto. The chilli pesto is amazing – you have to try it!

All of this is then piled onto a plate, or into a box if you're taking away, for you to enjoy there or at your desk. 

We also enjoyed a green juice and some coffee (of course). All of the food is so fresh and seriously good, plus you get an absolute mountain of food and it's so reasonable. So if you're looking somewhere for a healthy and wholesome lunch in central London, make sure you check out Daisy Greens!


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