Saturday, 21 May 2016

The Yummy Tummy Co.

The lovely people at The Yummy Tummy Co. got in touch with me a while ago to ask if I'd like to try out their range of healthy, gluten free meals and as food is the way to my heart, obviously I jumped at the chance! 

I don't eat meat so I gave the meaty dishes to some obliging guinea pigs and kept the vegetarian ones for myself. 

All of the meals were great but my favourite is either the Tabean or Not Tabbouleh or The Spice of Life. The smell of the Tandoori Chicken was almost enough to make me give up vegetarianism! If you fancy trying out any of the meals for yourself you can find them at Sourced Market, Budgens and Planet Organic.

Protein Pods

 Jammin' Jerk

 Oodles of Noodles

 Tabean or Not Tabbouleh

 Super Duper Greens

 The Spice of Life

 Quirky Quinoa

 Tantalising Tandoori Chicken

Catch of the Day


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