Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Pukka Tea

Whilst I'm much more of a coffee drinker, I do like to give my adrenals a rest sometimes and have a cup of tea instead. So when the lovely people at Pukka asked me if I'd like to try some of their new teas I jumped at the chance. 

The new matcha range consists of 3 different matcha based teas, each formulated with a different benefit in mind. There's the Clean Matcha Green, Ginseng Matcha Green and Mint Matcha Green designed to cleanse, boost energy and aid digestion respectively. I also tried the Supreme Matcha Green and the Turmeric Gold. I've long started my day with a mixture of turmeric and hot water, so having the same benefits in tea bag form is so perfect for when I'm in a rush or feeling lazy and not wanting to mess around with chopping up roots or mixing powders. The addition of licorice and lemon also makes it a lot lighter and more palatable than my usual concoction. Of the matcha teas my favourite was definitely the Ginseng Matcha Green, it's got a really yummy gingery taste, without being too spicy and overpowering.

Although I won't be giving up coffee anytime soon, I'm definitely going to start replacing one of my daily cups with matcha tea instead! If you want to read more about Pukka Teas, you can find all the information here.


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