Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Top 5 Workspaces in Central London

Since starting my blog, I can often find myself in Central London with my laptop and a few hours to kill. After spending many hours walking around trying to find somewhere with wifi and space to work, I now have a few solid places I can always rely on. So here are my favourite places to head to. 

1. Kin Cafe, Fitzrovia
Kin is a tiny little vegetarian cafe in Fitzrovia. Whilst it isn't necessarily the comfiest place to work in terms of seatin, the menu, filter coffee and staff more than make up for it! Make sure you try the homemade kombucha – it's great.

Rapha is a two minute walk from Piccadilly Circus, and practically next to Whole Foods, making it super convenient for me. It's based inside the cycle shop, but offers delicious coffee, all-day eggs and communal tables. It's also the perfect place to people watch if you're feeling in need of a little break from work.

3. Planet Organic, Tottenham Court Road
I love Planet Organic. As I'm sure you can tell, snacks are pretty high on my list of requirements when finding somewhere to work, and at Planet Organic, there's almost too many to choose from. That aside though, the working space is huge, plus I love the touch of having a filtered water tap, which encourages you to bring your own water bottle to fill up. 

Picturehouse Central is kind of a hidden gem. It's right by Piccadilly Circus and has a few different workspaces. There's the bar upstairs, which is like a proper restaurant with a ton of comfy chairs and sofas. Then there's the downstairs cafe area, with a more relaxed vibe, but proper seating. I'm obviously a massive fan of the huge pic n mix selection found upstairs too, plus if you need to switch off for a bit, the cinema itself is amazing, with huge comfy sofas and blankets. 

5. Ergon, Regents Street
Located just off Oxford Circus, I love working at Ergon partly because of its proximity to Psycle! The coffee is pretty good, and there's a whole host of tasty snacks, plus more substantial offerings like scrambled eggs with pitta, salad bowls, and toasties. The best thing about Ergon is that it's still relatively undiscovered, so you can always nab a table without having to arrive at the crack of dawn!

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