Monday, 27 June 2016

Veggie Pret Top Picks

Finding quick and healthy food suitable for vegetarians/vegans can be surprisingly hard. Luckily working in Central London, I'm quite spoilt for choice, but there's only so much Detox Kitchen/ Ethos a girl eat (and afford). I've always been a fan of Pret, it's fresh, easy, nutritious and reasonably priced. So when I heard about Veggie Pret, I was beyond excited. 

I've been a few times since it opened, and I'm slowly working my way through the menu. Of course I'm yet to try everything, but I thought I'd round up my top picks and must tries in case, like me, you get somewhat overwhelmed by all the choice on your first trip.

1. Falafel Mezze (vegan)
Anything with falafel and houmous is going to be a winner in my books. The tapenade is also amazing – it's so delicious and creamy, I kind of can't believe it's vegan friendly. The addition of the roasted squash also means it's super filling but still light. 

Legit one of the best things I've ever tasted. I'm addicted, to the point where I almost wish I'd never tried them... I'll never eat a bounty again!

3. Asian Tofu Salad (vegan)
Perfect if you fancy something a little lighter. It's super tasty – the pickled cabbage is amazing. I hope they roll it out in all the stores!

4. Greek Salad Flatbread (vegetarian)
I'm such a fan of Greek food and this flatbread contains pretty much all my favourite ingredients. It's great. Try it now. 

I love tabbouleh, and often make a similar version of this at home. The clever substitution of grains for cauliflower makes this the perfect low carb snack. 

6. Kombucha (vegan) 
It's not always that easy to get hold of kombucha, so it was super exciting to find this gut friendly drink in Pret! Great to satisfy those fizzy cravings whilst staying healthy and doing your body a favour. 

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