Thursday, 14 July 2016

Green Smoothie

I'm a big fan of simple smoothies. If I'm making a smoothie, it's generally because I'm in a hurry, so I don't want to be getting out a million different ingredients. That being said, as this is so simple, it's a great base smoothie for if you wanted to add in some extras if you have a little more time. 

a frozen banana
a handful of spinach
300ml almond milk
a scoop of vanilla protein powder (I like this one)

optional extras
a tbsp chia seeds/ flaxseed 
a cup of frozen pineapple (think piƱa colada!)
a tbsp of almond/ cashew butter
a tsp of cinnamon/ maca/ wheatgrass

If I have time I like to enjoy this as a smoothie bowl, topped with frozen fruits, nuts, seeds and granola, otherwise I just pour it into a jar and go!


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