Monday, 29 August 2016

Watermelon Martinis

Watermelon has long been my favourite fruit. At this time of year the shops on the streets around my house are overflowing with huge, freshly cut, chunks of watermelon. So when I was challenged to re-purpose my blender to make a summery cocktail using Smirnoff, watermelon martinis immediately sprung to mind. 

These are so easy to make I hardly feel like I can call this a recipe, but anyway, let's cocktail!

1 kg watermelon
handful of ice
Smirnoff vodka from the freezer
fresh mint
4 martini glasses

Slice up your watermelon, saving a few slices to garnish and chuck it all in the blender with your ice. Bruise the mint by placing the stalks in one hand and clapping, then rub the leaves around the rim of each glass. Measure out 1 shot of vodka into each martini glass (or 2, no judgement). Once everything is blended, divide the watermelon mixture between the four glasses, garnish with mint and watermelon and serve. 


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