Thursday, 15 September 2016


Sourdough is legit my favourite food. If I could live on it, I would. Happily. Having heard so many good things about Pavilion, I finally made the trek over for brunch. 

Pavilion is located in Victoria Park, but also has 2 shops – one in Broadway Market and the other on Columbia Road. If you're going to buy bread at the weekend, make sure you go early as they usually sell out by the afternoon. Anyway, back to brunch. I'm not sure of the vibe in winter months, but given it was July, all of the seating was outdoors, picnic table style, so we grabbed one then ventured inside to order. The options were pretty standard and bread based, naturally. We went for a full English and avocado on toast with poached eggs. There is also a Sri Lankan menu – the all Sri Lankan kitchen team apparently make some of the best hoppers around – I can't wait to try them next time! We were given our drinks and a number before taking our seats outside. When we went (1pm on a Saturday), it was heaving. Every table was full, but people were happy to budge up so we could squeeze on. We actually ended up having quite a big table with just four of us on, so it wasn't too cramped. 

The food came out remarkably quickly – if you go, make sure you pay attention to the numbers being shouted out by waiting staff, so you don't miss your order! My avocado on toast was delicious, and the bread was some of the best sourdough I've tasted. It came with this amazing, savoury, coconutty side, I have no idea what it was, but it was delicious. I also had an iced filter, which was excellent. My date's full English looked amazing – I maybe have had a little bit of food envy. Make sure you get a loaf to take away with you, and maybe some cinnamon buns too. Feeling very satisfied and full, we decided to jump on some of the pedalos on the pond a few metres away, to put all of that brunch to good use. I'd highly recommend you do the same, if only for the lols. You can find Pavilion here

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