Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Apricot + cashew halloween bars

I love Halloween, it's probably my favourite holiday. I've always loved fancy dress, and who doesn't love chocolate and sweets? Whilst I'll obviously be using Halloween as an excuse to eat copious amounts of pic n mix, it's always good to have a healthy sweet treat option right? These apricot and cashew bars are so damn good, so easy to make and super healthy. I decided to coat some with dark chocolate, because everything tastes better with chocolate, but feel free to leave it out if you want something even healthier.  

Ingredients (makes around 16 bars)
250g dried apricots
150g cashews
50g porridge oats
50g dark chocolate

Process the cashews and oats to a fine meal, add the apricots in a few at a time until everything is combined and the mixture is sticky. Melt dark chocolate and place into moulds and put into the freezer to set. Once the chocolate has set, place apricot and cashew mixture on top, and put back into the freezer. Pop out of the moulds once everything has hardened and enjoy! If you don't have a mould, just roll into balls and dip in dark chocolate instead. 


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