Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Winter Essentials

It took a while, but winter is finally here. I spend 95% of my life in activewear and having spent mosts of the last few months prancing around in short shorts and t-shirt, this sudden bout of cold weather threw me somewhat. Here's a roundup of what I'll be investing in to keep me snug this winter, along with some of my firm favourites.

I wore this solidly, every day last winter and it was a lifesaver. It screws up into the tiniest ball so can be shoved into your handbag (read rucksack) just in case, it fits under coats without being too bulky, and can also be worn over jumpers and tops. Potentially not the coolest looking thing, but if you're prone to getting cold, get one. It'll change your life.

Keeps the cold out but also keeps you cool enough if you fancy a winter run.

Did I get dressed this morning, or am I still wearing my pjs? Keep 'em guessing with these joggers. So warm, so cosy, feel like pjs, look (vaguely) like clothes.

The comfiest leggings I've ever owned. They're so thick, and the super high waistband is the dream.

I'm obsessed with these socks, great for working out and they're the perfect height to wear with winter boots too.

There's so many great things about this jumper, firstly, oh so soft. Secondly it can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Perfect to throw on after a yoga class but also totally acceptable to wear to a bar. Win win.

The last thing I want to be wear when it's cold is breathable trainers. These keep the cold out and can be worn with thick socks for maximum warmth.

Buy in XL, thank me later.

Oversized scarf

Big scarves are the dream, it's basically a socially acceptable way to carry a blanky around at all times minus weird looks.

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