Monday, 28 November 2016

My Favourite Speciality Coffee Shops in London

What makes a good coffee shop? I seemingly spend half my life working in them, so I think I have quite a good idea of what I think makes one worth a visit.  They have to have comfortable seating, great coffee and friendly + welcoming staff. The latter being imperative. I don't know about you, but once I've committed to a place to spend the afternoon, I don't then want to be getting up and moving all my stuff someplace else, there’s nothing worse than picking a place and then spending said time feeling uncomfortable. Obviously other factors play a role – wifi and good snacks are definitely an added bonus. So here are my favourite tried and tested coffee shops in London.

Workshop Fitzrovia
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There’s 4 Workshop cafes but Fitzrovia is my favourite. No wifi but amazing coffee served by friendly and passionate baristas. Great snacks too.

Tiny TY 
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The newest and most adorable TY.  It’s tiny, so maybe best to just nip in for a quick coffee and catch up but really knowledgeable and friendly staff, and really ideal for people watching.

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Located just across from the newest Bao, Sharps also has a barbers in the back. It’s super cute, the coffee is great, there’s free wifi, plus there’s a constant influx of attractive men getting haircuts. What’s not to love?

TAP No. 193 
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What I love about TAP is all the different filter options. They don't do batch brew, so I think it's more of a sit in vibe for filter, but the snacks are really good – and free wifi too, so plenty of entertainment whilst you wait. 

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One of the only half decent places to get coffee in West London. Whilst the filter coffee is slightly steep, you can always get a table, there’s wifi and the staff are really lovely. Plus if you get bored, you can just go downstairs and play pinball on one of their many vintage pinball machines.

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