Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Nalu Bowls Ranked Best to Worst

If you follow me on instagram, you’ve probably seen my smoothie bowl obsession. Practically everywhere does them over here in Bali, but Nalu Bowls does them exceptionally well. There’s a few different locations, all with the same menu. There’s 6 different bowls, which all come topped with granola and bananas (and sometimes other stuff), and then you can add extra toppings. They’re super thick so have the consistency of ice cream, come served in a little coconut bowl and are so great in 30 degree heat. Ultimate fan girl right here.

I appreciate this is maybe a kind of ridiculous post, but I figured I’ve tried them all (#research) , so why not hey?

Nalu bowls ranked best to worst.

Uluwatu - dragon fruit/banana/papaya/raspberry/apple juice
Shout out to the Uluwatu for having the most toppings. I’m all about them so I nearly always go for this one, the colour is insane!

Pipeline – banana/pineapple/mango/coconut/coconut milk/coconut water
This is also my favourite ­– I’m allowed two right?

Teahupoo – spinach/ginger/banana/orange/pineapple/mango/apple juice
If you wanna feel healthy af this is your bowl, it’s not as sweet as some of the others and green = health.

Macaronis – papaya/mango/dragon fruit/pineapple/strawberry/apple juice
Kinda tart – as described. Great if you’re not in a super sweet mood.

J-Bay – peanut butter/banana/honey/soy milk
If you’re into the whole milky PB thing, this will be your jam. I’m not so wasn’t a fan, but I feel like everyone loves this one, bar me.

Mavericks – açai

This is sold as the best bowl but it’s not. I mean obviously all smoothie bowls are inherently good, but I’m really not sure what the fuss is about, plus it’s the most expensive.

So there you go! If you're in Bali, definitely go check them out – especially the Single Fin location cos views. If you're not in Bali, you can create your own here and here

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