Friday, 11 August 2017

Raw Carrot Cake Slices

I'm not sure if I've mentioned my love of carrot cake before... Jk, it's constant, I know. Ever since visiting The Raw Kitchen in Perth I've been dreaming of their raw vegan carrot cake, so I did an experiment. I made it into slices so I could top with "cream cheese frosting" (plot twist, it's also vegan) cos I'm mainly all about the frosting, but the base is also pretty good just rolled into balls for easy snackin'. Anyway, if you're into carrots and stuff, give it a go!

ingredients (makes 8 slices)
1 cup grated carrot (3ish carrots)
1 cup oats
10 walnuts (+ extra for toppingz)
2-4 medjool dates
1/2 tsp cinnamon
sprinkling of grated nutmeg

Finely grate carrots and add to a big mixing bowl. In a food processor, whizz the oats and walnuts up to form a flour, then add the cinnamon, nutmeg and dates and pulse. Add to the carrot bowl, and mix everything together until combined. Give it a little taste and add more cinnamon/nutmeg if you fancy. Roll into balls, or put into a tray to set. 

I made cashew cream cheese frosting to top with – using this recipe. I made a third of the amount and used it to top the slices before adding extra dates, walnuts and cinnamon. Mmmmm. 


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