Saturday, 9 September 2017

Canggu Food Guide Batu Bolong

One of the things I love most about Canggu is all of the amazing places to eat. There's essentially 2 sides of Canggu, separated by a small, hilly, kind of treacherous cobbled road through the rice fields called the shortcut. So here I'll just focus on the Batu Bolong side, but stay tuned for Berewa side coming soon!

a selection of dishes from Bu Mi – including sweetcorn fritta, crunchy tempe, rice noodles, greens and peanut sauce

Visit Warung Bu Mi for super cheap and super tasty Indonesian food. There's a ton of different dishes to choose from with the total price calculated at the end. It has big sharing tables and can get pretty busy. Great for a substantial no fuss meal.

nori bowl from The Shady Shack

big breakfast from The Shady Shack

tuna poké bowl from Moana

salad buffet from Echo Beach Club

The Shady Shack is the vegan/vegetarian dream. Most of the dishes are vegan or can easily be made vegan, all the food is super fresh, healthy and delicious. I've eaten there so many times and have never really had a bad meal. My top 3 picks are the protein bowl, the tempe burger and raw vegan choc tart. Moana does really reasonable poké bowls, I like going for lunch as it's usually pretty quiet. Echo Beach Club is on Echo Beach and great for dem sunset views. The vibe is loads of different BBQ meats, fish and veg and then a help yourself salad buffet. You can also order a la carté dishes too.

brekky plate + sambo at Crate

blackout at Crate

Could I love Crate more? My only problem is it's so damn popular that it's always absolutely heaving. Easily my favourite place in Canggu, great coffee, great food (and cheap) and the best vibes. The staff are always laughing and joking around, it's such a fun experience just being there! Lacalita does really good Mexican food and amazing cocktails (but they're v expensive). Portions are kinda small but it's a super cute date spot. When I'm pretending I'm not lactose intolerant I hit up Scoop Gelato (it's located inside the Bomba shop. The flavours change frequently but they're all so delicious. They do also do vegan coconut sorbet which is so gooooood.

eggs any style + broccoli side at Eden

salad bowl at Relish

Eden is a super cute family run cafe. They do a variety of western style dishes, all day breakfasts, big healthy salads, smoothie bowls etc. They're very on it with the vegan options, but there's also tons of meaty dishes too. There's also an air-conditioned inside room, which is great if you want to take your laptop and get some work done. Relish is another cute little cafe and it does great salads.

Uluwatu at Nalu Bowls

Nalu Bowls serve up the thickest, dreamiest smoothie bowls. My favourite is Pipeline!


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