Thursday, 1 November 2018

Survive Winter

Winter isn't my favourite szn, other than being super cold, it's a time where immunity seems to be lower too. I don't get sick often, but the seasonal changes can often bring around a few colds. So this year I'm being proactive and I've put together a "Survive Winter" Guide.

Gut health is a really important factor in immunity, so here's what I'm doing to keep my gut happy and generally boost my immunity this winter.

apple cider vinegar every morning in warm water
I start every morning with 500ml of warm water and about half a tbsp of ACV. I always make sure that the ACV I use has the mother. The mother just means that the vinegar contains good bacteria - it often looks like a little murky thing at the bottom of the bottle. ACV contain prebiotics, which is what probiotics feed off of. I also find it really helps my digestion and occasional heart burn.

bone broth
I don't really eat loads of animal products but I do drink bone broth. I make it using organic chicken bones. I usually just buy chicken wings and put them in my slow cooker with water overnight then strain in the morning. I weigh the chicken, then add x2 or x3 the weight in water. I also add a dash of ACV as this is meant to help extraction. I have it with noodles and veg as a soup or just drink it with salt and garlic.

bio-kult probiotcs
70% of our immune system is found in the gut. So supplementing with a high quality probiotic can really boost immunity. I take 2 bio-kult capsules everyday with food. They've also been shown to significantly reduce the length and severity of colds – perfect to help #SurviveWinter

vitamin d
I'm a sun-baby and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is real for me. So as soon as winter starts to rear its head, I start taking vitamin D3 – the minimum dosage I've been recommended is 1000 IU.

the first sign that I'm getting sick I start taking echinacea – either tincture or tablets.

I hope these tips help you survive winter. Thank you to Bio-Kult for sponsoring this post!

Let me know any immunity tips you have!

Flo x


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