Hey whatsup hello I'm Florence. Welcome to Swift Eats! I'm a mid-twenty year old Psychology Graduate and a born and raised Londoner. I'm really passionate about physical and psychological wellness and my hobbies include cooking, eating and yoga. Yoga is a huge part of my life and I recently became a certified yoga teacher in the style of Embodied Flow. 

Swift Eats was born around 3 years ago, when I started to really take a look at what I was fuelling my body with. When I placed an emphasis on the nutritional value of the foods I was consuming it created a whole new world for me. My wellness journey has been one of trial and error, but I truly believe you are what you eat and when I fill my body with nourishing foods I feel at my best. 

My kitchen is my happy place; I love sharing the recipes I create on here and my instagram page (@swift_eats). I follow a mainly plant based diet so finding ways to make my old favourites a little bit healthier is my jam.


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